A letter from the Heaven


I was three when i saw what ‘Heaven’ was!
I was scared of planes unlike a child of three,who runs to see the plane.
They told me it kills us,it destroys our homes and took our families away,
They said i will sail on a boat to a nearby land,to play,to have fun;
But the water was cold and strong,it took me inside,
I couldn’t breathe,i couldn’t play.
I hadn’t ever felt this pain,they said only airplanes bring such pain.
But it was the water that took me away.
I was Alan Kurdi and i am no one now,
Many of my friends are in heaven to play but we all are sad.
They say the world below is so bad!
But i wished to see few more rains,a few more snow,a few more playground where i could “hide and seek” and not hide to not let them see.