Being Creative as an entrepreneur – 5 secrets to keeping your creativity alive


“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old” -Peter F. Drucker .
Innovation and Creativity is the new skill set being hunted for , in the industry everywhere. With start- ups mushrooming globally, entrepreneurship being accepted as the style of management, creativity and innovation are undoubtedly , the keys to success. Being creative as an entrepreneur shall be like an icing on the cake. But how shall we continue to keep our creativity alive?

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Water water everywhere ,not a drop to drink? Such is a state of Marathwada!


It might be very entertaining dancing to the tunes of “Kale megha pani to barsao” from the Bollywood movie Lagaan but a similar situation in Marathwada (one of the five regions in Indian state of Maharashtra) which is drought struck, is pitiable. Parched throats, barren land, suicides is not a part of 120 minutes movie but unfortunately, it is the actual situation in Marathwada. [Read more…]