The Printing machine: Extended

What hides behind the big screen?what actually leads to chr chr ┬átak tak taka tak……what the cinebuzz prints?Where are the beasts, at the streets or behind the big screens?

Chrr, Chrr, Chrring, Tak Tak, Taka Taka Tak,
Chrr, chree goes the steady printing machine
Hiding behind the big screen,
Are the real victims,
Numb, Dumb due to fear of some,
Yet Bearing and Tearing ,to make a huge sum!
Hiding behind the screen,there is some sin
Sin, sin, just a mum sin,
Losing their kith, losing their kin
Hiding behind the screen, is a life of cheat
Cheat, sheaths all that seems so neat! [Read more…]

The Holy Ritual


A holy bonfire,burning hot amidst the sacred chants recited by the holy men;
Chants of promises ,Chants of togetherness,Chants of commitment,Chants of happiness,
Dressed in my best attires,with fragrance of sandalwood,rose and turmeric;
Set to embrace a life i was taught about ,ever since i realized i was a girl,
To be measured in gold was what i was never told!
Abandoned shall i be from the kindness that was always showed,was what i was never told!
Jubilance i bore shall be torn,
Yet the bonfire burnt, succumbing my life to lies and cries!

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Shattered Dreams


I heard you saying “Promises are meant to be broken”,
I heard you saying “You were tired to Hold on”,
I heard you saying “I was not good enough”,
I heard you saying “You found your dream”,
I heard you saying “I shall have to go” ;

All i know that Love lasts forever,
Love makes you laugh,love makes you cry;
All i know you are not easy to forget,
All i know it happens only once,
All i know you shall regret,
All i knew i would walk along the road with you,
Unaware was i that shall have to walk back alone;

But all i wish is your dreams shall flourish,
All i wish is your life shall be absolute bliss,
All i wish for you is just a beautiful Miss,
To let you feel what i miss,
To let you feel i cannot be HIS!
All i wish is another life,
For a moment if i could be your wife!