The Printing machine: Extended

What hides behind the big screen?what actually leads to chr chr  tak tak taka tak……what the cinebuzz prints?Where are the beasts, at the streets or behind the big screens?

Chrr, Chrr, Chrring, Tak Tak, Taka Taka Tak,
Chrr, chree goes the steady printing machine
Hiding behind the big screen,
Are the real victims,
Numb, Dumb due to fear of some,
Yet Bearing and Tearing ,to make a huge sum!
Hiding behind the screen,there is some sin
Sin, sin, just a mum sin,
Losing their kith, losing their kin
Hiding behind the screen, is a life of cheat
Cheat, sheaths all that seems so neat! [Read more…]

Being Creative as an entrepreneur – 5 secrets to keeping your creativity alive


“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old” -Peter F. Drucker .
Innovation and Creativity is the new skill set being hunted for , in the industry everywhere. With start- ups mushrooming globally, entrepreneurship being accepted as the style of management, creativity and innovation are undoubtedly , the keys to success. Being creative as an entrepreneur shall be like an icing on the cake. But how shall we continue to keep our creativity alive?

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The Holy Ritual


A holy bonfire,burning hot amidst the sacred chants recited by the holy men;
Chants of promises ,Chants of togetherness,Chants of commitment,Chants of happiness,
Dressed in my best attires,with fragrance of sandalwood,rose and turmeric;
Set to embrace a life i was taught about ,ever since i realized i was a girl,
To be measured in gold was what i was never told!
Abandoned shall i be from the kindness that was always showed,was what i was never told!
Jubilance i bore shall be torn,
Yet the bonfire burnt, succumbing my life to lies and cries!

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