An arched brow ,tawny curls falling upon the sturdy shoulders,
With a third eye to hypnotize the world and a venomous blue throat,
An embodiment of masculinity, so pious and vital;
Bound by the purity of Ganga in the knots,
With a serpentine around the neck and a crescent moon adorned on the head,
I am Shiva,
I am eternal knowing and bliss, full of compassion and love. [Read more…]

The First Love

First love

A gushing light of memory tranquilizes my heart,
All i can remember is you and me bound by an art,
An art of happiness,an art of tenderness,
An art what the world calls love, like the harmless dove,
And art that lasts forever,
An art that makes you laugh,an art that makes you cry;
An art which once conquers the heart,
An art that melts the pain,
An art that everywhere reigns!

All i can remember is the first meet in that loveliest street,
All i can remember is that gentle touch and my feminine fuss,
All i can remember is the promises made amidst the clearest shades,
All i can remember is our dauntless spirit of fighting for our love,
All i can remember is you made me a women from a careless girl,
All i can remember is that it all happened in a swirl!

The Nation on Fire!

Emerging as the global competitor in various fields, with one of the fastest growing economy as predicted by Harvard researchers, probably soaring higher with projected annual growth rate of 7% through 2024, is it really a laudable effort put forward by all of us? Yes, we are the fastest developing Nation! Kudos to all of us.
It appears like a eulogy for our nation which is dying every now and then? Are we not standing like skeletons in the cupboard? Are we not falling a prey to barbarism? Are we not burning our own Nation? [Read more…]