When i walked through the narrow aisles of solitude,with heart crippled with pain ,
And the only meager soul casting shadows over the path ;
So gigantic,cold and haunting were the shadows of my past!
Still the crowd stood so far apart.

Joyous days had never been so hard,
For those were then filled with crowd that now stands far apart,
Holding tears were not part of my art,
Conquered this art ever since the crowd set apart.

Benumbed and muted,like in a state of trance,so miserably inarticulate i laid,
Tides of tears swept past my eyes,
Like an abandoned shore struck by the high tide on moonlit night.
When i walked through the narrow aisles of solitude,
I stood apart from the crowd that now had nothing to impart.
My troubles were my own and lessons learnt the growth hormone.

Having now walked a milestone,the sun somewhere shone,
Success so well known and the crowd came back home,
But by now I had known “weep and you weep alone”,
And treats are not meant to leave you alone.