The First Love

First love

A gushing light of memory tranquilizes my heart,
All i can remember is you and me bound by an art,
An art of happiness,an art of tenderness,
An art what the world calls love, like the harmless dove,
And art that lasts forever,
An art that makes you laugh,an art that makes you cry;
An art which once conquers the heart,
An art that melts the pain,
An art that everywhere reigns!

All i can remember is the first meet in that loveliest street,
All i can remember is that gentle touch and my feminine fuss,
All i can remember is the promises made amidst the clearest shades,
All i can remember is our dauntless spirit of fighting for our love,
All i can remember is you made me a women from a careless girl,
All i can remember is that it all happened in a swirl!

Miles Away I Hear You

In the silence of the nights,Miles
When the twilight i sight,
Whistles the plight of your absence by my side;
Of sighs of agony,of souls ununite,
A dawning of light in the southern sky,
When the world rests and i rise,
A berceuse so loud and clear that u must hear,
To take away your fear,
Because Miles away i hear you, [Read more…]

The Memoir

When the southern lights struggled through the murky cloud,
My Eyes unfolded a golden ray of hope,dragging me away from the slumber land;
With a halo of viridity hovering above,i heard a voice from the past breaking the silence,
An ethereal appeal to come along,to sing along an epode of love,laugther ,tenderness and togetherness,for all these times; [Read more…]