A Homemaker or a Superwomen?

Rising up every morning before the cockcrows, shall we call her a fitness fanatic or is she divinity in disguise. Something very customary happening all around the world is the typical day to day routine a homemaker (“a Homemakerperson, especially a woman, who manages a home “ as defined by our dictionaries) has been following with not enough appreciation or gratitude offered to her. In most of the scenario, she lies discredited and ignored of her efforts she lays to build up the society. Often epitomized as the incompetent or a “sunken ship” regardless of her endeavor laid to nurture an individual, who contributes to the development of the society on the whole. Is she just a homemaker or she the crackerjack who has helped us to be what we are today, we are the replica of her values, capabilities, ethics, skills. Whenever our tales of success have been recited , has not she been the protagonist of our tales in one form or the other? She has been our first mentor, an adviser, a tutor and the one who lays the groundwork to embrace life in all its form.

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The Call

Entertainment in any sort finds a place in Headlines these days,but this plea of a mother is something beyond mention. Going across the situation in Syria, I found this video and penned down a few words, just to remind ourselves,if humanity actually exists?

They say “We have traversed the globe,explored the unexplored, discovered the undiscovered”,
They say “Our gates to the Mars are Open,
They say “Humans are the ones, unparalleled, unsurpassed!
They say “We have the bleeding heart”! [Read more…]

Who Am I ?

Am i a Daughter?
Mewling and cuddling in your arms with an oblivion mild;Who Am I

Am i a Sister?
Lending you my shoulders through ebb and flows of life and being your bosom buddy for life;

Am i a Friend?
Laughing and painting the town with colours so vibrant to brighten up your life;

Am i a Lover?
Compassionate and Euphoric to make you drown in an ocean of love; [Read more…]