Water water everywhere ,not a drop to drink? Such is a state of Marathwada!


It might be very entertaining dancing to the tunes of “Kale megha pani to barsao” from the Bollywood movie Lagaan but a similar situation in Marathwada (one of the five regions in Indian state of Maharashtra) which is drought struck, is pitiable. Parched throats, barren land, suicides is not a part of 120 minutes movie but unfortunately, it is the actual situation in Marathwada.

India is an agricultural country ,as we say, what an irony it is where already hundreds of farmers have committed suicide and the whole Nation lies indifferent! Where are our NGO’s, our politicians, our Gurus and Saints, and other humanitarian organisations now, who have been boasting of their deeds and contribution to the society. How many of them have been actually heard of providing a helping hand to the people/farmers in need there?

Is it a situation that can be put to religious, spiritual or political scrutiny? When the region is already reeling under drought , how disheartening could it be when diviners make apathetic statements:
Quoting Shankaracharya “Calamity strikes where those unworthy of worship are worshiped ,” As per report by Times of India (Source)
How have they actually contributed to the society or made efforts to suppress the self-inflicted curse ,if in any case it is!

On the other hand, clad in a simple kurta pyjama, veteran actor Nana Patekar has become an angel in disguise to the hapless farmers of Marathwada region. His answer to why is he helping the families of deceased farmers as mentioned by national journals was “Right now, it is of utmost importance. Today, I heard someone committed suicide. If, after 69 years of independence, we can’t provide water and electricity to people, it is ridiculous. Now the BJP has taken over, earlier there was Congress. We need to take these things seriously. I feel it is time for a revolution. If a farmer can kill himself, tomorrow he can kill you. Look at the level of his frustration. Beware, this situation could become dangerous. Their helplessness could turn into rage, they might turn Naxalites. You are creating that kind of a situation. Just give them electricity and water, which is their basic right. Come on, they provide you bread”, which itself proves that it is not a time to preach, fight or  scrutinize the situation but to lend a helping hand in all the ways we can.


Can we even imagine surviving without water for a day or two or with scarcely available water source.Thousands of liters of water is easily available to water the cricket grounds for matches(Source) but why aren’t we considerate about the families and lives of farmers,people who are dying of thirst;women (as per the gender based work distribution) who have to walk miles to fulfill the water related needs of her family.The drought has had a huge impact on agriculture,cattle,increasing suicides of farmers but all is in vain.

Whatever may be the cause of the calamity (climate,topography, religious beliefs, inadequate supply) but the irony is, if in an agricultural country , where  the farmers are compelled to commit suicide, how do we even expect the governors of our Nation to make our lives better or contribute to it’s growth. Time to think wisely and decide whom shall we choose as our leaders, our saints, gurus who shall act rather than preach!